Walk-in Units Walk-in Units

STANDARD: From 6x6 with 2ft. increments up to 12ft wide, unlimited length. Architectural Specifications

CUSTOM: Any width and height dimensions

Reach-in/Marine Reach-in/Marine
  • Chests
  • Under-counter
  • Base mount
  • Top mount
  • Modular
  • Remote
Parts and Accessories Parts & Accessories
  • Ship curtains
  • Ramps
  • Kick plates
  • Door Snugger
  • Roof
  • Door with windows
  • Digital thermometer
  • Outdoor membrane
  • Hinges & Pallet Doors
Ice machines Ice Machines
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The Superior Advantages of Foster Coolers and Freezers

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Thicker, heavier metal and stronger panels

For the last 70 years we have maintained our record of manufacturing the strongest walk in coolers by using the heaviest metal and 26-gauge galvanized steel sheets. Our panels are also manufactured with an attractive corrugated finish for added strength.

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Larger dimensions

Unlike the nominal dimensions used by most manufacturers, our walk-ins are full dimension. Our 8’x10’ walk-in is a full 8'x10'. Our walk-in heights are 8'2" with a floor, and 7'10" without. Door openings are standard 34.5" with many custom options available, including 58" pallet-size doors.

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No wood in door, frame and floors

Most companies still place small pieces of wood and plywood inside the door and door frame for various purposes. In a permanently moist environment, deterioration, bending, and expansion of wood occurs after some time, requiring doors to be replaced every few years. Foster resolved this problem 35 years ago by eliminating all uses of wood.

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Space shuttle insulation

With the lowest k-factor and the highest R-value, Polyurethane foam provides more thermal resistance than any other insulation material on earth and is used by NASA to insulate space shuttles. At Foster, we use Polyurethane to insulate our walk-in coolers and freezers, whereas most companies use polystyrene, a cheaper insulation material used in packaging and coffee cups.

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Aluminum floors without plywood support

Foster uses 3/16" aluminum diamond plate for floors which is strong enough to support 750 lbs/sqft. and is corrosion resistant.

Aluminum Floor
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Deal directly with the manufacturer

When purchasing a Foster walk-in, you are dealing directly with highly qualified experts in our manufacturing facility who assist the customers at every stage, from purchase to installation. We are always happy to answer your questions. Call us at 518-671-6036 or info@fostercoolers.com.

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Return on investment

As the R-value of Polyurethane is highest compared to any other material on earth, Foster customers recover all the money invested in their walk-in unit within few years through savings in electricity.

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High quality, low price

Foster customers are buying very high end walk-in coolers made of Polyurethane and galvanized painted steel, but paying as little as they would for a walk-in cooler made from cheaper Polystyrene and Galvalume.

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Quick delivery

Walk-in coolers are normally shipped from Foster's factory within five days after the confirmation of an order. Special orders may take longer to ship.

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Our walk-In units come with a 15 year warranty on panels against any manufacturing defects, and a standard one year warranty on all the refrigeration components. You can also purchase a five year extended warranty on compressors (US only).

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